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05-19-2006, 03:02 AM
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i believe that speilberg is involved in recreating the battle of iwo jima in the pacific in a movie. i think clint eastwood is also involved. it is based on the book "flags of our fathers" - which is an amazing book if your into that sort of thing. iwo jima is considered the toughest battle the us marines ever went through. im a wwII buff, and iwo jima has always been one of my favorite battles to learn about. seriously, read the book if you can - before the movie comes out. its written by the son of one of the six men who were famously captured in a photograph raising the flag on top of the mountain overlooking the island. it goes into great detail on the amazing fortifications the japanese created - something like a 8 story maze of catacombs that had a hospital, they could live there isolated for two years without anything. the movie should be awesome when its made.

i found a website about it, i guess its coming out this year.

i guess its just eastwood, not spielberg. shame.

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