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Originally Posted by deytookerjaabs View Post
Does little else? Kane isn't a high scoring winger that hangs around the slot and perimeter waiting for a pass to get off a shot. Kessel and Sharp have far more in common than Kessel and Kane. Kane has more in common with players like Hossa and St. Louis where he controls the game by being the go to transition forward, creating turnovers in the neutral zone, and keeping the play alive in the offensive zone for a puck possession team. Didn't you see the game against Toronto last year where Kane was our first line center?? Kane has a nice little wrister but he isn't a goal-scoring sniper, he's really an offensive catalyst for the rest of the team who plays more like a center than a winger.

But, as for snipers who average 10-20 points higher than good two-way centers, If I had to choose a group of 3, I think the team would be better off with 3 two-way centers than three snipers.




I'd say that's a no-brainer.
Since when do Neal, Kessel and Kovalchuk average 10-20 points more than Kesler, Toews and Datsyuk? That's not at all a fair comparison.

Kesler - played at 52 point pace battling injuries (averaged 74 points the previous two seasons)
Toews - played at 79 point pace
Datsyuk - played at 78 point pace

Neal - played at 83 point pace
Kessel - played at 82 point pace
Kovalchuk - played at 88 point pace

And that's not mentioning the fact that Neal and Kessel had breakout seasons, and were performing worse offensively than the likes of Kesler, Toews and Datsyuk before this past season. Look, I'd love it for Kessel to be averaging 10-20 points more than those guys, but that just isn't the case right now, and he wasn't even on their level offensively until this past season. The only matchup you might be able to make an argument for meeting that criteria is Kovalchuk vs Kesler, and I think Kovalchuk's the clear winner there.

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