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Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post

The reasoning behind this is, even though the new Mayor Weiers and Chavira, although are against the current proposed AMF amount, they could realisitically be in favor of a more in-line AMF of $6M as bantered about 2 workshops ago. That $6M has already been stated as allocated and within the "0 cuts" realm.

Or they can go the RFP route.

So for all this to come into favor, the JIG must be willing to drop (safely) $10M annually off of their subsidy request.

Can we really see Jamison and NHL for that matter drop from an average of $15M a year to $6M a year ?

I would think the NHL wants to make sure the new owner (Jamison or someone else) will keep the team for a few years at least and not BK it again in 6 months, and seeing how any owner in AZ wants to get as much cash as they can from CoG I don't see the NHL giving an OK for $6M per year while they cashed in $50M in two.

Originally Posted by Stix and Stones View Post
It's very strange, I'm so glad Clarke lost, I really don't care if the Yotes move or not.
I'm glad yet sad that she lost. Glad because well it's a positive thing for us who wants to see Coyotes move here in Quebec, but sad at the same time because now we won't have anymore Clack jewels popping up on Twitter or elsewhere.

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