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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
Oy..... how many times am I going to have to post this....

There have been no indications the NHL has collected the $25 million pledged for this past season. Nor have they touched any of the $20M that was placed in escrow.

However.... I'm going to see if I can get the current AZRep reporter to ask about it. Since I'm a bit puzzled about it myself.
Might be worth asking someone, as no one is clear on this.

If you read this article:

The mayor questioned how the city can rebuild the risk management fund.
Skeete had no good answer.
He said the general fund’s balance is in the negative when considering other obligations that must be repaid.
These obligations include borrowing from utility funds to pay the National Hockey League $50million to manage the city’s arena.

Not 100% clear, but the writer of this article makes it appear that the $50M has been spent, as they are worrying as to how they are going to repay it . But maybe they are just saying what everyone else is thinking, and isn't really sure either.

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