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Jose Baker is up to 56.7M

Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
I bid on him, then scouted him overnight. His Q's are good (not great), his OR is good, he's 15 and 6/6 and universal. I would like to have him on my team, so we'll see how the bidding goes.
That's pretty much how I felt about him. He's a lot like marcos-carpenter, decent Qs and lots of OR. Carpenter's Qs are a bit better, but he dropped to 5/6 at 16yo

I have 8 defensive prospects. Really the only ones I don't like are Rosado and Garland. Rosado is about to be sold. I'm not sure why I kept him. His Qs are very average. Garland has similar Qs to Hernandez, but is 5/6, already 16yo and still has lower OR.

Conner Havens is better than Hernandez, but is 16yo and only +20 OR.
Todd Strickland also has better Qs, but is only +30 OR.
Szabolcs Racvolgyi is the same way. Qs are better, but only +100 OR at 17yo.

****. Maybe I should have kept Hernandez

The goalie I purchased last month cracked the top 10 practice list today (all leagues) and is training like an absolute beast. He's only been working on his tech and speed since I acquired him, but the lowest training he's had is 1.66.
1.66 is his minimum? Man, I really should upgrade my Coaches and Physios. Not much. I just want them to be slightly better. Maybe as good as my hockey Staff. But those guys are way too expensive, so I stay away.

My top guys in camp trained at 3.5+, but then I switched most of them to train their lower Qs. I think I'm going with 4 straight camps. McCready was suspended for 3 league games anyway. No point in trying, right? This is probably a mistake.

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