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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Current status quo, WC in May, is out-of-date. Why? Hockey in Europe does not work like this anymore. You dont have national leagues which finish season on April.
This is the crucial point. Playing the World Championships in May is obsolete, because the idea of WCs in May is from an era when there were no play-offs in European hockey leagues back then. Starting from the 1990s, however, Europe began imitating the NHL's play-offs, resulting in an ever-widening gap between the end of the (regular) season (especially for non-playoff and early playoff-exit players) and the beginning of the World Championships. The current KHL season will set a new negative record gap in this regard: 2.5 months . This arrangement is not sustainable in the long run.

In contrast, there are no play-offs in European football leagues. Therefore, unlike in hockey, it makes perfect sense to play top international football events in June to close out the season -- because all the national football leagues, all teams and all players, can be arranged to finish playing at the same time, in the same week. Because of the play-offs, this will never again be possible in hockey, and therefore a season-ending international hockey tournament is outdated nonsense. It should be cancelled or moved ahead to, say, February or April, so that the national leagues could be completed afterwards, without undue pressure in the games schedule or undue reduction of games played per season. I believe each regular season should last until the end of March at least.

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