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11-07-2012, 09:15 AM
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Let's just say the NHL is coming back in December.. Not that I actually expect the lockout out to end in the next week or two, but lets just pretend.

Does anyone here think the lockout may benefit some of the Avs players?

With Downie, we all know he had off-season surgery. This late start will have given him more time to become fully healthy, as well as having a chance to actually strengthen his shoulder.

Duchene says he is a notoriously slow starter. Well he has already been playing professional hockey for weeks now, and is doing not too bad. I wonder if he will be able to come back and play from a high level right away.

Jan Hejda had wrist surgery I believe. Again, more time to recoup and strengthen. After EJ he is supposed to be the Avs best defencemen, and having him healthy to start the season would definitely be nice.

With Landeskog, right before the lockout happened he was named Captain. Youngest captain in history, etc. Will the lockout allow the coverage of the Avs to slip back to next to nothing and relieve some of the spotlight that would have been directed if the season started right away? I feel like the story has blown over and no one really cares anymore. Might make it easier on him.

With EJ, this is the longest off-season he has had. Is there a chance that the extended workout time can heal his knee anymore? He also dealt with back and wrist issues. Again, possibly a case of more training will see him come back and have better endurance and mobility. It would be nice if he was using this time off to study the game too, since he is not playing. Can someone send him 20 years of Lidstrom footage?

Varly has gone to Russia and seems to be posting some good numbers there. I can't think of how him playing in the KHL would transfer to better play in the NHL. Maybe spending some time in his homeland will have him come back over more focused?

With prospects, it doesn't sound like Elliott is having the greatest showing down in Lake Erie, but will the AHL time have allowed a guy like Barrie to gain some confidence before being called up to the Avs? However, I'm under the impression he is hurt now.

I'm not saying these are supposed to give the Avs an advantage over other teams, but perhaps on an individual basis, some of these players will come back and see an immediate performance improvement.

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