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11-07-2012, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by ottawafan66 View Post
Wow yourself. What I believe is that these coaches have a vested interest in their own players since they are the ones that recruited them. It makes their programs look better if they can claim that they have x number of players on this team. You are naive if you think that there are no politics in hockey.
As I've written before there are NO St.Mike's coaches on this staff.

I'm not naiive, I recognize there are often political agenda's at play, but also expect that a seasoned coach like Greg Walters wants to win more than he wants to appease certain politicos in Hockey Canada. I've seen him in action and he suffers fools lightly.

The only commentary I have read emphasizes heavily a belief that regional biases superceded hockey decisions; clearly those are driven by your very own disappointment on the players picked.

I prefer to lean to the notion that the best players were picked. To each their own, but ultimately these two teams still represent CANADA. Throwing them under the bus after one game is disrespectful to the players but most importantly the sweater.

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