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Originally Posted by middletoe View Post
Here's a scenario that would absolutely drive me nuts if I was an owner.

Let's say I'm the type of owner that can't really afford to take a loss. I've got wealth but it isn't endless. I put in the time and effort to do what I can to have a good team for my fans and make a profit. And I accomplish that to the tune of being a top ten team profit wise.

Now let's say another teams owner puts me to shame financially, and bought his team for a hobby, and he doesn't really need it to make money. And he doesn't to the tune of being a bottom ten team profit wise.

Now because of the revenue sharing deal put in place I basically have to hand over a few million bucks to that owner.

That would be really really hard to take. So as that owner I'd be down for putting a limit on RS... and more if I could.
RS can breed laziness and contempt, just ask MLB fans .....

But it has worked wonderfully in the NFL.

Few things will beat strong marketing. Alas for the NHL though, it probably matters little how much they market, they are always going to have the "have not" cities, short of contraction.

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