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11-07-2012, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by colchar View Post
First, Brampton is not Toronto. Second, the population of Brampton these days is largely made up of people from non-hockey cultures. Third, their rink was in a lousy location for traffic.

Brampton is largely populated by Indian, Pakistani etc.. Most of which don't identify with hockey.

Good point about the bunker too.. The 410 is always ridiculous around 6:30 when most would be on route, and last time I went (probably 5-6 years ago) it took us like 20-30 mins to get out of the parking lot. I can live with that downtown Toronto, because it can't be avoided.. But in Brampton its ridiculous.

Owners seem to think hockey team + GTA = goldmine.. Its not that simple. The Leafs are likely the only team that could still turn profit with a monkey at the wheel.. Other teams have to market and manage their franchise well for success.

Brampton is becomming less of a hockey town every time PIA or AI lands, I'm not surpised they decided to relocate.

Its very clear this 'author' is just looking for attention.

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