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12-08-2003, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by smnhppu
This is where I tend to really disagree. Here we are, thousands of discontented fans, holding on to the money that could solve the NHL's problems, and we obviously have time to voice our discontent. I for one think we should make better use of it. In Montreal, as nowhere else, we are aware of the power of the media. We know the impact they can have on our franchise, its players and coaches. It's time they did something more useful. Instead of voicing our discontent here, let's write to TV commentators, journalists, presidents, GMs, Bettman, Van Hellemond et al. Let’s have them hear our displeasure…
The question is though if we let them hear our displeasure, will they listen or care??

Hockey has become a business and not a game, so most(not all) of those people care about collecting their paychecks more than anything else

but you make a good point, if fans would complain and complain at these people, maybe eventually they will have to listen, maybe not as much in Montreal because filling up the arena is not a problem (although there hasn't been too many sellouts this year, but we have the biggest arena in the league), but other cities, more in the States, are struggling to get fans to the games, that's a big issue as far as i'm concerned

but maybe after they sign a new CBA of some sort problems will get fixed, for now we have to live with what we have, until next year

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