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11-07-2012, 11:10 AM
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Thread (V): Argos embarass Eskimos; Changes need to be made. Nichols seriously hurt.

Originally Posted by Expatriate View Post
I would also start Kj but have him on a very short chock chain hooked up to a motorized come-along.
Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
What got me is Calgary had no answer for Boyd. He was ripping a first down nearly everytime, and we stopped going to him and went back with Messam.

I like to think we're saving this stuff for the big game. If not then I'll join in asking big questions about this club again.

I'm happy Boyd is back. Lets let him have 15 carries. Guy would get 100yds on his own.
Originally Posted by PDO View Post
I think the Esks will win... and I'm a noted RR Fan.

That said, I don't think there's team in the league the EE wouldn't whoop this week.

I think there's a big time rallying point for G&G, and it's that the black cloud that's been hovering over the team all season is gone.

I suspect a VERY spirited effort.
Originally Posted by ToothlessAggression View Post
Completely agree with this. Boyd was basically the best back in the league the two previous seasons and had it not been for injuries would have been the leader in rushing yards. Despite the fact he was the Argos only real weapon and everybody knew it, they still couldn't stop him.

I've been saying it since last year, Messam is overrated, he was a product of our hugely underrated run blocking last year. I recall him galloping through gaping holes untouched for 20+ yard gains that a faster back would probably have doubled. Unfortunately because of his passport he will likely play and the far superior RB will be in sweatpants.
Originally Posted by Copperhead View Post
You're right I can't stand Tencer either.
Originally Posted by AJGass4 View Post
I have no problem starting Joseph but it better not last until we have virtually no time to make a come back. That's what's been so frustrating. Reed leaves the QB in there way too long when he's struggling.

I'm worried about Nichols only because I think he might be a little nervous and it's better to come in with a, "What the hell, I can't do any worse......." attitude.

As for the running backs, Messam has done absolutely nothing to warrant a start. Boyd and Charles should go, they both have shown they can be productive and Messam seems to lose yardage on every single carry. The guy just doesn't seem to be mentally prepared since his return. Maybe he's injured and him even a little injured spells trouble.

This game is going to be won on the clipboard. We've had some horrendous decision making all year long, it's about time these coaches showed why they should have jobs next season.
Originally Posted by Gord View Post
I hope you're right, and think you are in regards to there being a little extra spring in their step when they get on the field. I think getting rid of tillman when they did was very smart, and I also think getting tillman out will help the chances of resigning a lot of the players that are pending free agents that were ignored al year.

I still fear the esks will lose, I think the esks will lose because of Toronto by far having the better QB, and I think Kavis will shoot himself in the foot with some of his decisions.
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