Thread: Great Britain: Olympic pre-qualifiers (Japan)
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11-07-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
I went to Revs during freshers week and wasn't impressed. We usually go to Q or Evissa, haven't been to Yates yet because it always looks deserted when we walk past. Went into Purple Turtle once, my god that place is ****ing awful, and the only way to describe AfterDark:
Hahaha. I legit chuckled. Rare.

Revs is good if you like very very stupid .... i don't think HFboards will let me use the word.

Q used to be called stab bar, but is now probably the best option. Though when i walked into the hip hop tent to the song rack city ... not enough awesomeoness and fear at the same time.

Afterdark i think might be housing illegal workers. You feel bad ordering a drink (and because they don't apparently have glasses????).

I refuse to go to the Purple Turtle. I actually actively look for worse pubs/places when i travel.

Going to bed bar is probably like being in your bed. More brain cells in Wayne Rooney's head than people in there.

Welcome to Reading. The party never starts.

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