Thread: Great Britain: Olympic pre-qualifiers (Japan)
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11-07-2012, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Hahaha. I legit chuckled. Rare.

Revs is good if you like very very stupid .... i don't think HFboards will let me use the word.

Q used to be called stab bar, but is now probably the best option. Though when i walked into the hip hop tent to the song rack city ... not enough awesomeoness and fear at the same time.

Afterdark i think might be housing illegal workers. You feel bad ordering a drink (and because they don't apparently have glasses????).

I refuse to go to the Purple Turtle. I actually actively look for worse pubs/places when i travel.

Going to bed bar is probably like being in your bed. More brain cells in Wayne Rooney's head than people in there.

Welcome to Reading. The party never starts.
Afterdark is worth a visit just for the bouncer, he's hilarious. I think they definitely have illegal workers, all of the barmaids were east Asian. They only give you glasses for spirits and shots, I asked for a pint of Fosters and got given a can I'm pretty sure the can also said on it "not to be sold individually" or "not to be re-sold" so they obviously just bought a load of crates from Sainsbury's or something

There was also a grammatical error on the toilet door, it said "Gentleman"

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