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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
Which is exactly why he'd warrant being the centerpiece of a trade to bring back a player like Yandle. IMO, as long as Strome is sticking at center I don't see why the Islanders wouldn't test the trade market with Nelson. I don't see how holding onto him to become our 3rd line center would make any sense, considering Nielsen is one of the best in the league and is in the prime of his career at 28 years of age.

I suppose you could move Nelson to the wing to keep him in the top-6, but we already have Moulson, Okposo, Bailey, possibly Grabner and potentially Nino. I can't see Moulson or Okposo going anywhere. Bailey's value at this point is pretty low, but IMO his ceiling is still extremely high and he is just starting to enter his prime years. Grabner could still be effective in a 3rd line role so he doesn't need to be in one of the top 2 lines, but if Nino reaches his potential there is no way he won't be playing in the top-6.

Ultimately if you want to hang onto Nelson, this is the only way I can see the lineup working:

Moulson - Tavares - Strome
Nino - Nelson - Okposo
Bailey - Nielsen - Grabner
Martin - Cizikas - Ullstrom

I'd be fine with that, but at this point I'd rather keep Strome at center. Nelson could be moved to the wing, but I like him much more at center, where he has a ton of value as a big, talented body up the middle. IMO it just comes down to analyzing your assets and determining what you can afford to do to improve this team. As good as Nelson is and probably will be, we already have a ton of high-end talent in and outside of the NHL, to the point where trading him away probably won't hurt this team's offense much going forward. IMO, with the amount of talent we have, it probably won't make a difference at all.

As long as that trade brings in a young/youngish quality top-2/3 defenseman, even if you don't want to trade Nelson, just dismissing that deal without at least looking into it would be completely ill-advised.
Personally if one center is going to go i think it is going to be Nielsen, i think strome eventually gets moved to right wing to be a play making winger that tavares would show what he is truly capable of with, and then nelson and cizikas are 2a and 2b centers

i have very high hopes for both nelson and cizikas, as much as a love nielsen right now i think that cizikas will be able to bring most of what nielsen brings with added physicality

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