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11-07-2012, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by sparxx87 View Post
1."Stastny isn't overpaid at 6.6 putting up 55"

2."No need for MacArthur, we have 5-6 better options"

3."Stastny's production only declined each of the last 3 years because of poor linemates" - See number 2

4."Stastny is still our number one centre, despite playing less minutes in every situation then Ryan O'Reilly"

5."Stastny is still a number one centre, despite him not reaching 60 points in each of the past 2 seasons"

Some of you guys kill me... Stastny is a definte upgrate at centre for Toronto, but they wouldn't give up that package for it.. I can't imagine any logical and informed Avs fans who would say no to that deal.
This is a really good response that echoes my sentiments to a tee.

Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Who said he wasn't overpaid? But he is most definitely not a 55 point center to us and accordingly we view him closer to being a 6mil center.

Landeskog, Jones, McGinn, Downie, Parenteau... Hejduk... looks like 5-6 to me.

Parenteau, McGinn AND Downie were all brought to our team within the final 20 games of the season or free agency...

Stastny is still our number one center, but you go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe.

Logical and informed Av fan reporting for duty, sir. I humbly agree that we should trade our longest serving Avalanche after Hejduk retires and our most experienced center that provides a game of which neither Duchene or O'Reilly can for an underperforming prospect, an insignificant winger and a defender that may or may not be able to hold down the #2 position on our team going forward.

Avs should just give every center we have to the other teams when they offer something they consider high value.
1. Do we just ignore his most recent 2 seasons then? He is most certainly closer to a a ~50pt center than a ~70pt center at this point.

2. Landeskog? Yes, he's a beast.
Jones? Nope. MacArthur has outperformed him every season of their careers.
McGinn? Nope. MacArthur has outperformed him every season of their careers.
Downie? At best it's a wash. Would give the nod to Downie for physicality but what else does he really do better?
Paranteu? Sure. But also keep in mind he is unproven as an Avalanche, and more importantly not playing with John Tavares.
Hejduk? Um..36 year old, soft winger with declining numbers. Great captain of the Avalanche and veteran presence in a young locker room? Yes. But he definitely brings more value to the Avs then any other team. So no.

So that's 2 out of 6 wingers that are better than MacArthur. Last time I checked teams have 4 wingers in their top 6 and 6 in their top 9. MacArthur would definitely bolster your wingers.

4/5. Maybe telling yourself that he's your #1 center while disregarding every statistic makes you feel a little better about his massive contact..

And that thread is pretty funny. You guys really will go to great lengths to try to brainwash yourselves into believing that Statsny hasn't underperformed to his own fault but rather every other factor possible is causing him to underachieve.

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