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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Bust as in he has no NHL future. Certainly it's not a huge deal for a third round pick to never make it. That wasn't what my statement implied.

I don't care if he's 21 and in his second season. He's frail, injury prone and neither big nor strong enough to be more than a role player at the AHL level. That's all well and good and not without a level of value. I just get tired of people including Bourque in the discussion of legitimate prospects (i.e. Thomas, Audy-Marchessault, Hrivik to a degree, etc). He has mush for brains and will be out of the organization in a year or two.
You are probably right, but I still think of all the players people get hang up with, Bourque atleast had/have something...

...for a player that plays with a ton of intensity, and in traffic, he is excellent with the puck. He is the type who -- if he makes it -- is really valuble to his team and make everyone else better.

Someone like more or less is a scoring forward who to a big extent lives of other peoples hard work. A player like that to some degree needs to be darn good to be valuble, he is not a player who do alot with little. Its almost the opposite. So he basically has to become his teams Gabby or Nash or something likethat to be worth it.

Bourque has been out when I've seen HFD the last two years, so I don't have any fresh insight on him (I might not have seen him since Traverse last summer). A player like him probably needs everything to come together and the injury nightmare he has gone through is probably the last thing he needed. Like I said, you are probably right that he is history, that's life, but I definitely don't think he should be put in like the Skokan-mold of players who never really had a shot but only scored some stats.

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