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Originally Posted by Rocko604 View Post
We'll agree to disagree. I think Cornish only got it because of the record. Case in point, Joe Smith (who seems to have been deleted from stats). He rushed for over 1500 yards in 2007, and wasn't even nominated as West MOP.

In the end, though, it doesn't matter. Chad Owens is going win.
Each year is different.

Cornish got the MOP and MOC nominations in part because he broke the record but it's not 100% why. Had Cornish's receiving not been good enough to have him also surpass the 1662 yards from scrimmage mark that was the previous record for a Canadian.

Cornish Rushing Yards 1475 Receiving Yards 338 Total 1795
Harris Rushing Yards 1112 Receiving 718 Total 1830

Thats damn close, that's close enough to be one more catch or rush. Put it this way if Harris didn't have his season Cornish would've broken two records, if Cornish didn't have his season Harris would've still only broke 1 record.

I agree though, Owens will win the MOP.

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