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11-07-2012, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by BruinsBtn View Post
Toronto is definitely not a hockey city.

There aren't nearly enough rinks, the beer leagues suck and no one supports anything besides the Leafs.
The other thing is, the traffic. No one in the suburbs wants to do ANYTHING because the perpetual gridlock.

And lolz at blaming the immigrants... guess what, they're part of Toronto.
Ignoring the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of fans of the 29 other NHL teams here in Toronto, if that's your criteria then there ain't a damn hockey city in the world.

Originally Posted by tsnTpoint View Post
This article is a joke, compares apples to oranges.

A prime example is Edmonton. With a lockout on Edmonton Oil Kings are averaging around 4000-6000. Are you going to tell me Edmonton is not a hockey city now? An NHL team who has finished last 3 years in a row and still sells out all their NHL games.

Its junior hockey, not near the same thrill as seeing the best in the world. Stupid article, to convince a bunch of stupid people.

This guy gets it

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