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11-07-2012, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
Well he did tell Spott in the off season that he wants to be a number 1. He hasnt, to my knowledge, explicitly requested a trade.

If he is to be traded, it will be after the World Junior push, and likely used to acquire more offense, If I was GM anyways.

Think about it; teams will have an opportunity over this stretch of time see him in a starters role, getting most if not all of the starts (they may test Moylan out to see if he is capable of backing up Gibson), and at that point, they will see that Palazzese numbers of last year, and thus far this season are no mistake. His value has got to be climbing, he has not had a bad start yet, and has allowed no more then 3 goals in a start. He sports the best GAA at 1.99 and a sturdy SV% of .932.

Only problem is, if he eventually gets traded, IMO, it needs to be for A) an overpayment or B) because he has asked for it. Otherwise he is too valuable to this team. Who backs up Gibson if he is gone (a downgrade no doubt), who plays goal next season? Do you have confidence in whoever backs up Gibson to play enough down the stretch to rest Gibson for the playoffs, or play several games in a row if Gibson becomes injured?

Palazzese is the 1b that can step in no problem and deliver quality minutes. He would also be the starter next season, with Moylan to back up.

IMO, keep Palazzese.
i would love to keep him, but as you said he basically already said he wanted to be a starter. To me that is saying play me as a stsrter or trade me. Not in those exact words but essentially thats what it means. Its only right as well as he is deserving. Can he wait it out another year? Who knows.

But with the need for scoring we still have I am surprised he wasnt part of a package deal. And I dont see the price for Frankie going up as the trade deadline gets closer.

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