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11-07-2012, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by LSCII View Post
Exactly. Caron needs to play with some consistency to justify sticking with the team. They've given him a slew of chances, yet he's been surpassed by other guys. It's now or never, despite him still being young.
I just don't think he is dynamic enough on that 3rd line to put the Bruins over the top.. I like him better than Pouliot.. but they need more offense on that line.

This team is basically unchanged since 2010 aside from that winger spot on the 3rd line. They won with Ryder, he got Pouliot off the scrap heap, and now I just don't think Caron has enough offense to help them.

Maybe a Knight or Spooner could push him, but in a short camp it will be tough.

In the end I still don't like their line combos. Too much redundancy with Lucic and Horton, and 2 quasi checking lines. I don't think Seguin should be burdened with Bergeron bailing on the offensive zone to catch up with his man.

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