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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
So 10/11 was his worst year based on your stats. Hmm that interesting. What happened with TK in 10/11? Oh yeah that's right, he played top 6 minutes with Staal and Kunitz. You know what else is weird? He also scored the most points during that season. To me that says, as I mentioned, that TK is an anomaly. These stats aren't telling you what you think they are in his case. In his MOST productive season, the one that saw him score 21 goals, your stats indicate that it was his WORST season.

On top of that, he also saw an increase in even strength minutes playing a top 6 role against other top d pairings. As a result, according to your prized statistic, he produced at a lower rate. Isn't that what I have been saying all along? So in either case, the stats are misleading and that's what I have been arguing.

TK is no doubt a great third line winger that can produce in a top 6 role in a pinch. However, that stat does not mean that he would produce at the same rate on a go forward basis if given more ice time (as evidenced by the 10/11 season). He provides great scoring depth in a 3rd line role and can produce timely goals. He is worth his salary and has been valuable to this team. I'm not sure what else you are really looking for in this thread.

Anyway, agree to disagree on the great top 6 winger thing. Interesting discussion.

I don't see it that way. The 10/11 season was also tough on Malkin, Dupers, Neal, and Staal's too. Just about every player rebounded from that season in 2012. The key (and it is fairly obvious) is that point totals are highly dependent on ice time. TK has his best point total despite it being one of his poorer seasons. Why? He was given just slightly more icetime on the PP. This is such a huge factor to point totals.

In general, that team was offensively strapped due to the lack of Malkin/Crosby games played that created waves throughout the offensive ranks. I also remember them playing a much more defensive minded game to try to compensate for the lack of talent at center. There are many factors that could cause a drop and it wasn't just isolated to TK. When Letestu is your #2 center, I don't think any wing (like TK) is going to have good numbers.

The key is not to discount the other 3 seasons of good results because 1 season is slightly out of line. I didn't discount Malkin after his 10/11 season, and I wouldn't do to TK either.

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