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11-07-2012, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
There are a thousand examples I could cite, from the '71 Bruins/Canadiens to the '60 Pirates/Yankees. I just recall the '71 Bruins because I was a fan of the Bruins at that time. And the Bruins were flabbergasted that they lost that series. The particulars really aren't that relevant - what matters is the outcome.
Again, there's a huge difference between losing to a team that had won 4 of the previous 6 cups (and been to the finals 5 of those years), and losing to the Capitals though. I get what you're saying about anything being possible in the playoffs too. While the loss in 71 was tough to take, the competition was far better. This past years loss to the caps wasn't even in the same stratosphere, IMO.

To bring this back on topic though, this team lost to a team they should have beaten handily because of two things. Lack of forward depth, and a sub par power play. Now we roll into this year (potentially) with that lack of forward depth still there, and a pp that will probably still be lacking. Whether or not Caron is the last forward on the roster or not, it does nothing to fix either problem. If anything, I'd prefer they give a shot to Knight or Spooner since they at least they have offensive upside.

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