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11-07-2012, 01:45 PM
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Oh man, BAP is so broken, especially for goalies...

I started off as a 16-year-old with Sarnia. Even though I had great numbers and started 2/3 of the season at 16, I was demoted as the back-up for the playoffs; where we got swept.

17-year-old; same thing. This time, I started 60 games with similar stats; get demoted as back-up.

Then, I GET DRAFTED #1 OVERALL! The Jets select me and bring me to the NHL. Somehow, after 30 NHL games, they send me down to JUNIORS? I thought that was not possible after 10 games?

I go to Sarnia and play... only 5 games of their second half of the season. Why was I sent there to not even play? I was a 78 overall and the #1 pick in the draft?

At 19, I stay in the NHL all year. I record 5 shutouts, split games with Pavelec, and help Winnipeg to the playoffs... where I don't even play Best part? I was a finalist for the Calder Trophy

At 20, I'm now up to an 86 overall! After 40 games into the season (I have 9 wins in 20 appearances)... THEY PUT ME ON WAIVERS!?

During my first 50 NHL games, I managed to have about an even win-loss record with about 7 shutouts on a team that had been the worst team, then between myself and Pavelec; made the playoffs. The year after I'm a full-time NHL goalie at 19 and almost win the "rookie of the year" trophy; I'm waived. Not traded, not given more time; WAIVED!

Who in their right mind gives up on a 20-year-old goalie, who has pretty good stats and was the #1 overall pick? How broken is BAP?

My PWF pro is entering his third year (89 overall) and has back-to-back 100 goal seasons, and only 21. You know that it tells me that every time I requested a trade, I get told that I have no market value?

Are you ****ing serious, EA? Talk about a broken game mode

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