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11-07-2012, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by PaperworkNinja View Post
I took mine out. I need to wear glasses while playing and the ear guards were keeping proper ventilation from happening. I sweat a lot during games and regardless of what glasses I was they'd fog up and don't clear up. I removed the ear guards and the fogging stopped. I'd rather have them, but I kind of need to see.
I wear glasses while playing, and when I was first gearing up for hockey I spent a little extra on the helmet to get the Reebok 6K because I found it slid right over my glasses without even noticing it, ear guards and all. I didn't even know what ear guards were at the time, could be they just have them a little farther out on the rbk helmets? The poster above me said he never felt them at all when play with an 8k helmet.

Anyone that plays with glasses should try this one on.

Also for the sweating thing get an under armour skull cap. Really important with glasses because you don't want that extra sweat reaching the lenses.

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