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11-07-2012, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by SLAPSHOT723 View Post
If you said that about Visnovsky I would agree, but Boyes? I think there's a chance he stays.
I see Boyes as a stop gap. Nothing more. After this season I expect Snow to either fill that spot from within, or attempt to make a splash via UFA/trade. Either way, Boyes is neither of those things.

Originally Posted by Konk View Post
Eva doesn't like gringos.

Second of all, you underestimate Snow's ability to resign a player, case in point Evgeni Nabokov. Either way, I did notate that if not all of Boyes/Visnovsky/etc. are resigned that other veterans will need to be. The main point is, those roster spots will not all be occupied by rookies, some veterans will be added/replaced.

Third, I think Strome will be eased in. Nielsen is a proven veteran and part of the core, he won't be pushed aside for a rookie. Strome will need to earn his way up, just like the other prospects that have been brought along the past few years. For example, Niederreiter was not handed a top 6 spot. Don't expect Strome to be any different.

If the Islanders would like to build a successful system like the Red Wings, Devils, etc. they need to start doing these things or they'll continue to rush and put prospects in positions to fail.
I don't doubt Snow could re-sign Boyes, I just don't think he'll want to. Visnovsky, OTOH, I'm sure he'd like to re-sign, I just don't see the guy wanting to stay.

As far as Strome vs Nielsen, it's not a matter of Strome pushing anyone aside. Strome fits better in a 2nd line role, and Nielsen is the perfect 3rd line center. I don't see why we should flip-flop them just because Nielsen has been around longer. The difference between Nino and Strome is not only position, but Nino has the ability to play a checking-line role if need be. Strome isn't that type of player. IMO, Strome on the 2nd line between Bailey and Okposo makes too much sense.

I think the Islanders are building a successful team just by being patient. I have to give Snow some credit. He's stocked the cupboard full of talent, more than we know what to do with; he's found a few gems along the way in Streit, Moulson, Grabner and Nabakov; he hasn't attempted any "Yashin-type" trades; and he hasn't locked the team into any bad contracts. If the new arena allows him to bring in a few veterans here and there to help push these kids over the top, this team could be a legit contender much sooner than most of us here think.

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