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Originally Posted by lamp9post View Post
The question is hypothetical a little silly. The only correct answer is that you take the best player.

For example, I'd take Kovalchuck over Plekanec because he's the better player.

But I'd take Toews over Kessel or Kane.

I'd take Backes over Whitney.

But I'd take Perry over Kessler.

So does that mean I prefer the 60 point center or the 80 point winger?

There is no right answer when the question is which category do you prefer because players don't always fit so easily within them.
Assuming you're classifying by ability, Toews is an 80-point center and he is the best player you listed. That's 20 points above the hypothetical center, with high-end defense.

Kovalchuk isn't really what the question asked about though; he's an 80+ point, defensively solid winger. The hypothetical winger i defensively weak. That's a huge difference.

Perry is coming off a 37-goal, 60-point season, but won the Hart and Richard with 51 goals and 98 points and the year before. Two-year average of 44g/79pt. He has a four-year average of 37 goals and 77 points in 81 games. Kesler has averaged 29 goals and 57 points in 81 games over the past four seasons, with one Selke. So that comparison is pretty spot on for the hypothetical, although Perry's physical advantage isn't mentioned and does play a role in whether or not you select him. For example, Phil Kessel (four-year average 34g, 66p; last two years 35g, 71p; last year 37g, 82p) is similar in offensive output given his lack of quality linemates (read:Getzlaf) but lacks the physical game Perry provides. And that is ultimately the difference between taking Perry/Kessel or taking Kesler in a lot of people' minds, is it not?

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