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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
I see Boyes as a stop gap. Nothing more. After this season I expect Snow to either fill that spot from within, or attempt to make a splash via UFA/trade. Either way, Boyes is neither of those things.
He can attempt all he wants, the UFA market will be bare and most players will either resign with their current teams or go to a contender. The only other option will be to resign Boyes or sign another similar player that contenders don't have interest in, which would just be lateral movement. To expect a Horton or someone similar is a meth pipe dream, not that you suggested him.

Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
I don't doubt Snow could re-sign Boyes, I just don't think he'll want to. Visnovsky, OTOH, I'm sure he'd like to re-sign, I just don't see the guy wanting to stay.
I think he'll want to. Boyes is a veteran who is a good reclamation project at the same time. He's capable of putting up the points to replace Parenteau's production, plus he adds more dimensions than PA did. He's also cheap, as we already know, and willing to be an Islander. These are two big points that are hard to find in a player.

Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
As far as Strome vs Nielsen, it's not a matter of Strome pushing anyone aside. Strome fits better in a 2nd line role, and Nielsen is the perfect 3rd line center. I don't see why we should flip-flop them just because Nielsen has been around longer. The difference between Nino and Strome is not only position, but Nino has the ability to play a checking-line role if need be. Strome isn't that type of player. IMO, Strome on the 2nd line between Bailey and Okposo makes too much sense.
Strome will still receive less ice time and Nielsen will still play the checking role, things aren't as cookie-cutter where you define your checking line as the 3rd line. The Islanders will most likely keep the Nielsen line as the 2nd line and use them in a checking role. The point is, Strome will not receive more ice time.

Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
I think the Islanders are building a successful team just by being patient. I have to give Snow some credit. He's stocked the cupboard full of talent, more than we know what to do with; he's found a few gems along the way in Streit, Moulson, Grabner and Nabakov; he hasn't attempted any "Yashin-type" trades; and he hasn't locked the team into any bad contracts. If the new arena allows him to bring in a few veterans here and there to help push these kids over the top, this team could be a legit contender much sooner than most of us here think.
I think most people expect it sooner than it's actually going to happen. The Islanders are taking the long-term approach. It took Quebec/Colorado the better part of a decade and they had a lot more 1st overall picks. The Islanders rebuild started in 2008, I would expect it to continue for another 2-4 years after this year before they start becoming a legit contender. Remember their core prosects, Niederreiter, Nelson, Strome, Reinhart, etc. are all still very young.

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