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11-07-2012, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Static View Post
1. How do you know Joe Saunders is cheap? Has he signed already?

2. Joe Saunders put up some ok era numbers in the national league, big whoop. His six starts or whatever for Baltimore doesn't mean much, it's a small sample size. On top of that, his peripherals still suck.

3. Saunders now is a worse version of what he was when he was here last: Fringe fastball, poor command, prone to home runs. Dipoto can do a whole lot better on the trade front than overpaying for that skill set, and don't be fooled, in this god awful FA class Joe Saunders will be overpaid.
::: Head scratching ::: I numbered the paragraphs in the quotes to better respond to each.

1. Joe signed a one year, $6 million contract this past season.

2. I don't comprehend your "small sample size" reference. I listed a Joe vs Dan stats with the Angels. Unless you're saying the Angels are not part of the American conference.

Joe's record with the Angels is 54 - 32 (62.8% winning percentage).
Dan's record with the Angels is 33 - 27 (55% winning percentage).
3. You bash on Joe despite the numbers shown in the stat that compares him to our $15.5 million dollar man Dan Haren that reveal Joe is better. Then you continue to bash him without giving out any actual solutions. I gave out two pitchers and their projected price range, both RHPs. I gave my own projected price range, and was generous in my projection, which would be a great deal for a #4 pitcher or #5 pitcher depending on Richards' work. And the reason why to go after Joe in order to afford an actual Ace.

I don't get it your response because it looks as though you didn't read anything i wrote besides Joe Saunders. I never stated he was an ace, but great at #4 in the bullpen because of his left hand. But your (negative) comment about Joe could be about Dan or Santana. Did you see what Joe did in his time with Baltimore and in the playoffs? Yeah, he looks terrible... for a number #4 starter. Unless you're comfortable with Jerome Williams as the #4/#5. Who else would you go after? BTW, Joe is just one pitcher and not my only choice.

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