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05-19-2006, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by davey999
Do you think the Oilers are where they are without Peca, Pronger and Roloson?
Yep it worked out good for them. But thats one team out of 30. But go ask the oiler fans what they thought of Peca and his 4 million dolalrs all season long.

Habs were 2 goals from moving on to the next round. Not 5...not 10....TWO. And you call that mediocrity. What is detroit?...What is Dallas?...All the 8 team that lost in the first round are mediocre?

If it wasnt for Theo habs could have easily had at least 10 more points and break the 100 points mark.

5th powerplay in the league. 13th offence in the league and sure to move up.

Alot of promising Rookies who got ice time. For the first time in years we have the sense this team si going somewhere and that qualified ppl are leading this team.

If you want mediocore I suggest you go take a look at some other teams that I wont name.

Some ppl say "the glass is half full"....some other's "the glass is half empty". And some of you guys say..."there is no glass and we are all gona die!!!! " . You those annoying guys in movies that always die first.

I know what I saw. I saw a team almost beat Carolina, scare the hell out of them, make them work harder then they ever expected. The same team that went on to steamroll NewJersey. I guess for you...all the counts is the result. I guess wining a game where you team played like crap means your team is great. Well to me if the team plays good and loses...the team still played good.

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