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11-07-2012, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Forsse90 View Post
European leagues are on a break because of the European Hockey Tournament. I think there also might be some European Trophy games during the break.

Ericsson went back to Detroit because he's only allowed to spend 183days in Sweden a year, otherwise he has to pay higher taxes. When they spend less than 183days they only pay 15% taxes instead of 57%.
It much more complicated than that. I would guess that would have paid at least a little less than 57% in reality. 57% is the marginal tax for the last earned krona.

It's 57% for yearly income from labour (taxable income that is, there is deductions for worktravel cost etc) over 587300 SEK (88000USD), 52% over 414000 SEK about 32% over 346700 etc downward spiral taxrate ending up in 0% for the first 18699 earn sek.

Either way, I guess he did not want to give a cent/öre more to the the sick and unemployed in Sweden than he had to.

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