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11-07-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
Journalists expose stuff like this. Brooks is biased but the league is screwed up. From the backlash over sakic, the igjnla threats, imposing the cba then crying over it, hiding revenue for accounting. Bettman is a mess with expansion, southern markets, scripted lockouts, ziggy palffy meddling... how do you not take the players side or at the least not allow for a voice in their behalf?
Bettman is responsible for 4 expansion teams

Minnesota - Success
Nashville - Success (Had to build a fanbase from ground up)
Columbus - Would be good market if ownership/management wasn't so terrible
Atlanta - Failed

Fla/TB/etc all were awarded teams before Bettman came to NHL

And Carolina is only other Southern Market that Bettman had hand in via relocation (Dallas already was in process of getting North Stars when he came aboard). And Carolina has turned into a solid market for NHL

Also the BOG is the ultimate decider , etc for expansion/relocation and the NHLPA supported the 90's expansions as it meant more jobs for its workers

And the people who complain about the NHL trying to save "Failing teams" need to remember that it was only 12 yrs ago the NHL had to step in and help save Calgary , Edmonton , Ottawa , Buffalo

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