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11-07-2012, 04:55 PM
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I am a broken record but we need Joohnny Boychuk. That is all. That is the most pressing need.

Seeing more and more proof from OKC that we dont have a PK/Shutdown RHD man in the system.

Johnny Boychuk from the Bruins is what we need. A guy that fits the role we need and can play above it when injuries occur.

Likely it would have to be a 3 way trade since BOS wouldnt let him go unless his hole could be filled by an acquisition. Boston is very interested in a couple Dmen out there so if a 3 way can work out... Boychuk would secure our defence now and into the future.

Some other points - Harti has now taken over Magnus in terms of forward depth. He has a better shot, surprisingly better NHL offensive potential, less play making vision but far better in retrieving and opening space for RNH - Eberle -J Schultz. At 6' 212 lbs he can go straight from the corner, run down 2 defensemen and put the puck to the net. He keeps defenses honest in this fashion which means defenses cant double team on the swift footed eberle or sneaky RNH.
Harti is a point a game right now and good defensive game comparable to Magnus who was actually a defenseman for a big part of his youth hockey.

Hemsky is looking very good over seas and is really, despite that i have never been a big fan, our only top 6 Veteran.

Yak Hall Hemsky
Harti RNH Eberle
Smyth Horcoff Gagner
Jones Belanger Eager

Smid Petry
Whitney Boychuk
NSchultz J Schultz

PP Dmen - J Schultz and Whitney (as per coach saying 4fs 1d)
PK Dmen - Smid - Boychuk, N Schultz - Petry
Shutdown pair in last stands - Smid -Boychuk

much better
eliminates - Peckham (once Klefbom arrives in the NHL 2 years from now he is gone anyways, Marincin needs a couple of years too), Potter, Sutton looks like he might have a injury that will cost him his possibly last good season (i like sutton).

I like Magnus , and think he should have been used as a pivot last season in the AHL, but HArti is going to get a long look as a top 6 option thanks to te game he brings and responsible 2 way play. His size and strength (not always one and the same) are needed and he has shown the hockey IQ of testing goalies and defenses when needed in order to remind them to stay honest or learn he can score the hard way. If he gets light treatment on the boards he will mow the defender over and drive the net often crashing the goalie. you better keep tabs on him if you dont want him doing that and that means space for RNH and Ebs.

I have seen a couple games of Hall centring at times, doesnt look like much of a detriment especially if Hemsky is on the ice with him. Hall plays a wingers N/S game but Hemmer definitely plays a Pivots game. It might work well. Yaks release and speed with Hemmer on the oposite wing.

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