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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
No one is saying that Adjusted Stats are insignificant or completely devoid of value.
AGAIN, it's when people use them at the expense of everything else available that they become an issue.

When someone bases their entire argument purely on what AS's says then we/I have a problem and it happens far too often.

You keep taking an extremist view every time someone has the slightest issue with AS's.
99% of the time the issue isn't even with AS's themselves, it's the value being assigned to them or that they are the only thing being used, that is.
Far too often I hear the response..."You don't agree because just don't understand them" when the reality is that one doesn't even have to fully understand them to understand what they are saying compared to everything else.
There's a difference between understanding AS's and understanding their value or weight in the equation.
Agreed, I think they're neat and fun to ponder, but I have reservations about how they get thrown about around here. They are far from perfect and they do help a bit with context.

The defenders usually substitute you don't agree with "you don't understand". I understand fine, I also understand that when discussing the top 1% certain things don't apply.

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