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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
The competition for rankings and awards is dependent primarily on the total NHL talent pool (in particular the top end of that pool), not the average amount of talent per team. If you condensed today's NHL to 6 teams, it wouldn't change the competition for rankings and awards much. However, those players who were good enough to "make the cut" (and these are the types we usually discuss) would have a much greater chance at winning a Cup each season. Either way, there's a much larger NHL talent pool over the past 2-3 decades than there was in Howe/Richard's O6 days.
Are we ranking players by how many cups they won? Because I certainly don't. One COULD make a case for that with goaltenders but even then I don't put that much stock in it. Teams win cups. I don't put that much stock in awards either, other than maybe Selkes as there really isn't any good measurement that I've seen for defensive play.

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