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11-07-2012, 06:50 PM
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Well im deciding to try writing again. Everything I write will be inspired by Eve 6 songs. Here's a part of it.
[spoiler] Its all in your head.
there are times in your life where everything just goes wrong. Everything and everyone you know seem to vanish from your life. The memories you have of your life become just that. Distant memories. The times we all felt alive just left. Lets just face it life sucks. We try to cling to the past but it's no use. Thing always **** us over.
Your probably wondering who I am. well according to my wristband im just patient #362-726. Im at black waters hospital. Age: 16, date of birth: 4/17/95, sex: male. Lets face is our lives are all just numbers. Im one of the only trustworthy in here. The reason is because I've been stuck in this hell hole for ages. I have alot of time before i turn 18 and get out of here. I know the story of every patient here with me and alot of them are damn sad. Were all ****ed up. Forgot to give yall some crucial info, were all in the psych ward. Its boring as hell. I've been deemed too ****ed up to function and so my social worker dumped me here. Im not the only one like that though. I guess it's just all in our heads.

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