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Gardiner continued...

Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
Gardiner played 7 seasons in the NHL. Post-season all star teams were around for the last four, in which Gardiner earned 3 1st Team's and 1 2nd Team, despite leading the league in GAA only once. Next step is compiling information from his first 3 seasons in the league.

An article from the Ottawa citizen which gives the results of the 10 NHL club managers picking 1st and 2nd AS teams shows that Gardiner was not among the top 2 goalies in his rookie season of 1927-28. Worters and Hainsworth were awarded the 1st and 2nd Team spots respectively.


In 1928-29, one writer picks his own AS teams for the first half of the season, and he gives Worters the first spot, backed up by Gardiner. Chicago's record at the time of the article was 4-17-4, and they finished the season 3-12-4, which is about the same pts per game wise.


The next season the Blackhawks have a big improvement jumping from last in the league to 5th (2nd in their division). At this time I do not have any articles describing Gardiner's play that season, but I also haven't looked yet. If anyone has anything please post it, if not I will do some research later.
Building on the's been tough to find good information on the early part of Charlie Gardiner's NHL career. There was a book written on Gardiner back in 2005 by Antonia Chambers called Before the Echoes Fade: The Story of Charlie Gardiner. This book does not appear to be in the public library system here in Chicago, so if any of you are headed to your local library soon take a look for it as it likely will have some valuable information. I was able to find a couple good pieces of info through some excerpts/reviews of the book online...

Late in December 1930 the New York Americans offered $10,000 to the Hawks in exchange for Gardiner, double his salary; McLaughlin refused the offer
This occurred in the first half of the 1930-31 season, which was the first season AS teams were awarded. One could deduct that Gardiner must have been recognized as one of the league's top goalies before this season for the Americans to make such a large offer as early as December (and for that offer to be turned down).

Particularly fascinating is the fact that in 1931, the Blackhawks were beaten by the Canadiens in the final, and Gardiner had been so stellar in goal, that immediately upon completion of the final game, the whole Montreal team carried Gardiner on their shoulders around the Forum ice, and then down the tunnel and into their dressing room, where they fed him champagne.
This seems to be evidence of a Conn Smythe level performance by Gardiner in a losing effort for the Hawks.

Communication has been something that has been talked about a lot in these threads, particularly by C1958. Here's what Legends of Hockey has to say about Gardiner in that area...
Gardiner's exceptional play was augmented by his ability to direct his teammates on the ice, a factor that led to his being chosen to serve as team captain in 1933-34.

EDIT: Here is a link to an article confirming what happened during the 1931 Cup Finals

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