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11-07-2012, 06:12 PM
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Am I the only one not missing hockey as much as I thought I would?

Oh do not get me wrong, I love watching the Pens. And will be right back there when they are back. But it occurred to me that I had not thought much about the Pens of late at all. I do not stop into HF boards as often either. This may be my first post in a couple of months.

I just have found a lot of other stuff to fill my time and enjoy. In the end there are many competitors for your entertainment time and money.

I also never thought that the regular season was all that important. It is a good time filler, but at the end of over four score of games played you get what? A better seeding? We have seen how that is a very limited advantage over the years. An extra home playoff game? Ditto. So it is not like I was missing anything meaningful in my mind. Any more than seeing the upcoming Hobbit movie will be.

Oh I would have loved watching the games if the season had not been interrupted and going to the games, but I do not feel like I missed much as I contemplated today why it was that I had not missed it all that much.

I certainly do not miss paying the couple hundred dollars per game just on tickets, then more on everything else for each game. The Pens have already saved me a couple thousand dollars plus by canceling this many games. In the end if we end up with a couple months or so of a regular season and a playoffs, I will not feel like I missed much of anything. Now if we lose the season entirely as happened in 2005 it would be a very different story. But so far? Meh, it does not bother me overly much.

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