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Originally Posted by TLinden16 View Post
Newton (Denver)
Luck (Jacksonville)
Luck's been great lately, and this is a juicy matchup, so I'd go with him.

Originally Posted by chilly34 View Post
Jonathon Dwyer, who is playing the cheifs but has to share touches with redman

Desean Jackson, who is playing a tough secondary with the cowboys and has vick as a QB
Anquan Boldin, who is playing oakland at home, where flacco plays his best games.
Dwyer's splitting carries and is the less healthy of the two, so unfortunately I think you gotta go with Boldin. DJax is the best option of the three.

Originally Posted by Richards to Gaborik View Post
Detroit D @ Min
Philly D vs Dallas
Baltimore D vs Oakland
The way Ponder's been playing I actually like the Lions D quite a bit this week. I'd take the Ravens next in that Oakland is looking at a combo or Jones/Reece in the backfield, meaning the Raiders will likely be losing, and passing a lot. I could see Baltimore easily getting a few picks. I'd rank Philly last simply because there's such little chance they keep Dallas to a real low point total, and they're just a mess in general. Not to mention their D is nearly last in the league in terms of fantasy points scored.

Also it the rotoworld message board still down for everyone else?
Yep. Friggin sucks. I knew I read through those forums a lot, but had no idea how much until they got hacked. I don't know how it takes a week for them to sort that out, but hopefully they get it figured out soon. It's really a great resource.

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