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1939 Playoffs vs 1940 Playoffs

Originally Posted by BM67 View Post
I've been poking around looking at Brimsek's pre-war career, and recalled C58 asking a couple of times about the playoff loss to the Rangers in 1940.

The Bruins scored 1 goal in their 4 losses, being shutout 3 times. Brimsek was 2-1 in the 3 games the Bruins scored a goal.

If goaltending cost the Bruins the series, it was that of Dave Kerr, and not that of Brimsek.

Also of note, the Bruins were 2-4-2 18-22 vs the Rangers during the season.
1939 Bruins were 5-3-0, 23-15 against the Rangers, so over two seasons it is a wash in terms of regular season play, .25 GF advantage to the Bruins over 16 games.

1939 playoff series between the two teams was slightly higher scoring. In 6 of the 7 games the losing team scored 1 goal.

Interesting point is that in a more offensive series 1939, the Bruins did better than in a defensive series 1940, the opposite of expectations given that the Bruins had the best defensive forward line of the era in the Kraut Line, an elite defenseman in Dit Clapper, and a HHOF goalie in Frank Brimsek

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