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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
1939 Bruins were 5-3-0, 23-15 against the Rangers, so over two seasons it is a wash in terms of regular season play, .25 GF advantage to the Bruins over 16 games.

1939 playoff series between the two teams was slightly higher scoring. In 6 of the 7 games the losing team scored 1 goal.

Interesting point is that in a more offensive series 1939, the Bruins did better than in a defensive series 1940, the opposite of expectations given that the Bruins had the best defensive forward line of the era in the Kraut Line, an elite defenseman in Dit Clapper, and a HHOF goalie in Frank Brimsek
Yeah, but they got shutout in 3 of the 4 losses (two of them 1-0 losses), right? There isn't a goaltending performance possible that beats a shutout...

Also interesting that, while you point out that the Bruins did better in an offensive series than a defensive one, Brimsek himself actually posted better individual stats in what you categorize as the more offensive series. I, personally, think that having all key players healthy in '39 made the biggest difference, as all of Mel Hill (1st line winger in '39 missed 3 of 6 games in '40), Clapper, Jackson, and Hollett missed time in '40.

And am I to believe hockey-reference when I see that Schmidt - who scored 6 points in 12 playoff games at age 20 ('39) - got shutout in 6 playoff games the very next year (despite leading the league in points during the '39/40 regular season)? Sounds like a whole lot more going wrong in front of Brimsek in '40 than in '39. Also, the name "Eddie Shore" is "conspicuously" absent from the '40 playoff roster, and undoubtedly made a huge difference, even at his age (got 2 points in 3 playoff games for the Americans against Brimsek that year - his last).

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