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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
The Republicans really need to do some serious soul searching after this election.

I firmly believe that this is the beginning of a 'new' Republican Party or, preferably, a splinter that would involve a legitimate third party introduced. The difference in the election came down to this much - the Democrats can get all sides of the left to vote in unison as much for their guy as they can against the other guy...meanwhile the Republicans are beating each other up and sliding into extremist corners that not only doesn't win Independent voters over, it alienates people who typically vote Republican. There's just too much of a difference between Libertarians and the Religious Right to fall under an umbrella of a single party.

I'm happy. I'm happier that they lost more than we won, mind you. As long as Congress is run by extremist dolts who refuse to acknowledge that the person on the other side of the aisle is an actual human being nothing is going to be accomplished.
You sort of nailed it. This article pretty much piggybacks off what you said...

My favorite quote there is..."DESPITE THE MISERY of continuous political defeat, moderate Republicanism—moderate by contemporary standards, at any rate—is not intellectually dead. Quite the opposite, in fact. The movement in recent years has seen a flowering of bright, creative, deeply empirical thinkers, who grapple with liberal arguments rather than retreat into an ideological cocoon, and attempt to re-fashion a program for their party that responds to real-world conditions rather than treat anti-government dogma as an eternal and axiomatic truth."

Republican's need a new identity. There is a large part of the "Republican" party who is just as that paragraph states, and I'm one of them. The Republicans have gone so far off track that I cannot even call myself a Republican anymore. I could give two ***** less about social issues as I think they have no place in legislature. None whatsoever. I vote based on economics, and my vote last night was against Obama and not for Romney because I fear for how much money he can spend when he doesn't have to worry about being re-elected.

Originally Posted by 10 Min Misconduct View Post
We're getting a little too political for these boards. Please take the discussion to the politics board on page 2.
Is there any way we can start a political thread on Pens board? We all like talking about these issues with each other, it doesn't get out of hand, and from my knowledge, no one gets offended. I think the "No political talk" on this board is ridiculous, especially if it's being done in a respectful manner.

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