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Material Difference

Originally Posted by vecens24 View Post
The same data may be out there, but from my understanding the same data certainly wasn't presented last time.

For instance, we ABSOLUTELY did not have the information we now have on Vezina last time around. It may have been out there somewhere (obviously it was. There hasn't been a rash of new publications since then saying different things about Vezina) but it wasn't presented or known to people. I don't know why that's a difficult concept.
Sorry the information was all out there. You are referring to varied and different interpretation(s) of the same data.Where you may have had a handful of game reports for each game in a series, today you have multiple handfuls to choose from.

Point is does the increased selection of game reports/stories/columns materially change what happened in a game, a playoff series or a season?

Do posters vet articles to see if the authors had voting privileges for the various NHL awards and honours as these became commonplace?

Are articles researched to see that the author held the same view months or years down the road or even if the article/comment was factually correct? Previous round there was evidence that a writer's comments published in a newspaper about the 1946 finals was simply incorrect. Yet it was part of this new article accumulation.

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