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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
In terms of revenue, sure. But not in terms of being competitive. The Thrashers went from a bad joke to being competitive because they went from being run poorly to being well run.

Revenue sharing shouldn't be seen as welfare, it should be an investment by other teams in the future of that franchise. Give now to get later. Teams that are running themselves into the ground shouldn't qualify.
Of course I mean revenue, despite the population difference the peg is WAY easier of a market because the demand was, is and likely will always be there.

Ottawa is a good market with clear existing demand. The sens had a rough time of it initially but turned the corner. Can columbus do the same ? I think it highly unlikely to happen in the same time frame because they are building this demand from scratch. As such I think columbus should be given more time to turn the corner, what I dont know is how much more time. Its entirely empirical but if cbj is still on the receiving end of rs in 5 or 10 years, then I think you have to at least consider cutting your losses.

Yes toronto and mtl have an interest in having teams to play against but if cbj were to move to hamilton, the habs and leafs still have someone to play and likely dont have to keep subsidising teams in questionable markets. I dont think that the have teams are lamenting that the thrashers left atl for the peg.

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