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Originally Posted by SaintPatrick33 View Post
Yeah, but the Beatles did there share...
They all did. Ripped off everyone from "Skiffle" musician Lonnie Donegan to just about every single Mississippi Delta & Chicago Blues Player ever recorded. Trick is not to be caught. Make it your own. Musicians are professional thieves. The more adept you are at it, the more successful.... a good Copyright Lawyer, good to go. Some openly admitting it, from Eric's Burdon & Clapton to Chris Martin of Coldplay. They just dont tell ya exactly who they ripped off. Not hard to figure out if you can play a lick though.

As for your post calmdown... kay, like, honestly, who does that? Has a Facebook Page with over 3000+++ "friends"?. Something warped, distorted, sociopathic about that. I know all of my "friends" here at hf pretty well (enemies as well) communicate with them regularly through PM's & emails. But to have like 3000+++? Youd be busier than a very high class drop dead gorgeous Hooker on Toulouse Street in New Orleans when the Fleet Comes In giving it away for free. Its just more than one mind or body can possibly handle, absorb, deal with properly, professionally. I really dont get it. Social Media has just become far to pervasive & invasive for my liking.

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