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Originally Posted by Stats01 View Post
Junior hockey isn't appreciated here because we have PRO leagues and teams. For people in the West asking these questions and making these remarks about appreciation and Toronto isn't a hockey town I just have this to say, move here and live here for a few years and you'll start to understand the amount of activities and other sporting options citizens have. People downtown and even in the suburbs aren't going to go spend their hard earned money on JUNIOR HOCKEY! Why would we do that when we can go watch the Raptors play the Heat or the Jays playing the Red Sox or Yankees. Junior hockey is accepted and appreciated in towns that need it! Toronto doesn't need Junior Hockey and Torontonians don't need Junior Hockey. It doesn't mean we aren't a hockey town, we absolutely love hockey, but the junior kind doesn't work in the biggest city in the country.

Why would I go spend money on junior hockey player _insert name here_ when I go watch the PROS in the same area.
If "other sporting options" is what is keeping OHL support out of TO, then you are kind of supporting the article. As a hockey fan and player first, I'd choose the Giants over anything else you've listed. I guess that's why they do so well here.

Hmm, should I go to an OHL game tonight? Maybe not, the Yankees are in town in 6 months.

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