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Originally Posted by sully61 View Post
Red Wings RosterNyquist (83)- Datsyuk (95)- Brunner (80)
Filppula (84)- Zetterberg (89)- Franzen (84)
Tatar (79)- Helm (81)- Samuelsson (81)
Bertuzzi (79)- Abdelkader (78)- Cleary (80)
Emmerton (73)- Tootoo (77)

Kronwall (88)- White (84)
Smith (81)- Quincey (82)
Ericsson (81)- Coliacovo (82)
Kindl (77)

Howard (85)
Gustavsson (75)

Red Wings Stats 5-3-1
Henrik Zetterberg95272-3
Valteri Filppula91670-1
Tomas Tatar93142E
Gustav Nyquist91340-3
Pavel Datsyuk90442E
Damien Brunner93030-2
Jonathon Ericsson903314E
Daniel Cleary62020+1
Justin Abdelkader91124+2
Mikael Samuelsson41122+1
Kyle Quincey911212+2
Carlo Coliacovo90220-2
Brendan Smith90228-1
Johan Franzen51010-1
Darren Helm90114+2
Jordin Tootoo50110E
Jakub Kindl70114E
Ian White20110-1
Niklas Kronwall90009E
Todd Bertuzzi90006E
Cory Emmerton40000E
Joakim Andersson30000E
Jimmy Howard74111.23.955
Jonas Gustavsson31202.75.899

We're doing ok win losses wise, but we're not producing goals enough. Relying to much on Howard who won't be able to keep it up all season unfortunately. Defense needs to help a bit with production and Datsyuk and Franzen need to get their game together. Solid defensively, but we need goals to win as well.

Griffins RosterPulkkinen (71)- Jarnkrok (77)- Pare (72)
Jurco (71)- Andersson (71)- Ferraro (71)
Hogan (71)- Sheahan (71)- Parkes (71)
Grant (68)- Aubry (70)- Callahan (64)
Glendening (64)- Coetzee (64)

Billins (72)- Paetsch (74)
Lashoff (71)- Evans (71)
Backman (68)- Almqvist (68)
Nicastro (68)

Mrazek (69)
McCollum (66)
Pearce (62)

Griffins Stats 5-2
Chad Billins71782-1
Adam Almqvist70880+8
Calle Jarnkrok73472+2
Francis Pare73360+1
Teemu Pulkkinen715616+2
Tomas Jurco71560E
Mitch Callahan73257+3
Trevor Parkes72355+3
Landon Ferraro73145+4
Louis-Marc Aubry72130+5
Jeff Hogan72130E
Riley Sheahan71232+2
Triston Grant71232+3
Joakim Andersson42022E
Willie Coetzee31120+1
Mattias Backman71012+3
Brian Lashoff60112+5
Brennan Evans710118+4
Max Nicastro10006E
Nathan Paetsch70007-1
Luke Glendening00000E
Petr Mrazek54101.81.925
Tomas McCollum21103.00.895

Not much bad to say about this team. Rookie goalie Mrazek is doing amazing. By far Billins and Almqvist are the best two players so far. Almqvist keeps this up he'll be put in the 2nd pairing and maybe even 1st PP unit. So far I'm happy with the Griffins.
2013-2014 off season

Roster before free agency, may try something new (spread out the talent). I will try to post the signings and everything in my next post.
I'm set on defense and think I will be for my career because of my AHL team. Forwards, I may make a trade involving Bertuzzi and Samuelsson and hopefully get a better 3rd liner in return, maybe an aging one, I don't care. Maybe drop Helm to the 4th line and have a full scoring 3rd line for Jarnkroks development. I guess we'll find out soon. I'm open to suggestions, but keep in mind I try to keep it as realistic as possible.

Nyquist (84)- Filppula (84)- Zetterberg (89)
Tatar (80)- Datsyuk (95)- Franzen (84)
Helm (81)- Jarnkrok (79)- Samuelsson (81)
Abdelkader (77)- Emmerton (79)- Andersson (76)
Tootoo (75)- Bertuzzi (79)

Kronwall (88)- Smith (84)
Quincey (84)- White (84)
Ericsson (81)- Coliacovo (82)
Kindl (77)

Howard (85)
Gustavsson (75)

Also Marchenko (70) and Jensen (68) will be in the AHL next season. I have 10 defensemen signed for the AHL, may be making a trade or just rotating the bottom pair or something. We'll have a very young defense with Billins, Almqvist, Ouellet, Sproul, Jensen, Nicastro, Marchenko, Lashoff, Backman, and Nedomlel (maybe another), plus whatever the Griffins sign.

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