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11-07-2012, 07:59 PM
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Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
If you put Fedorov in the 80s he probably would have scored a lot of points. I agree hecmight have pit up more points than Yzerman. But the same could be said for many players from different eras. I think we're in agreement on those points. Although it would be hard for me to have similar rankings I can understand what your saying. The main reason Lafluer cam into this was because someone said Fedorov > Lafluer which it looks like we both agree Wouk be really tough to prove
Um... yeah. Tough, as in impossible, imo. Too much career value and excellence relative to his peers under microscopes of varied focal lengths. But I think Yzerman >> Fedorov (where >> implies any great divide, be it 80 arbitrary spots on an all-time ranking list, a skills/2-way play comparison, or whatever) is almost equally ludicrous.

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