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11-07-2012, 08:04 PM
Snooki Stackhouse
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I hope there is a more moderate republican candidate in 2016. I DO care about social issues and, like JTG I think social issues have no place in legislature. However, that is precisely the reason I could not vote for a Republican candidate right now. Christian fundamentalism has no business in Washington.

As for the economy, I think Obama will be forced to lower the deficit by a Republican-controlled house. Lowering the military budget would provide so much relief. I'm all for combining higher taxes on the upper class with cuts in spending and I really hope congress follows through on it. As for the labor force participation, there is more to it than "people are leaning on the system" and "people are dissuaded from working". The population is aging and boomers are exiting the workforce - an all-time low labor force participation rate should be expected.

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