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Originally Posted by ponokanocker View Post
He'll likely get that much time, but will be making a lot of rookie mistakes, like Gardiner did, which will hurt the team. On a good team, he and Gardiner should be playing under 20 minutes/game in their rookie season.
Well this isn't a good team yet so it doesn't much matter what they'd do on a good team. In a year or two they'd be top 4 on a good team, hell they may be that good to fill that role right now on a good team.

Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
id like his focus to be kept to PP and 5 on 5. No knock on Justin; but if he is on the PK the Oilers management dont have the right players for the right roles.

In my mind you make a team to have the depth to go 100 games in about 8 months. That means having the right guys for the right roles. The best teams have the proper guys getting proper ice time. the oilers have injiry problems because we have half a team that we try to have do too many things.

J Schultz focus on PP and 5 on 5. get pk men to do the pk.

Lets stop thinking like a bottom 10 team where we take one of the only good dmen and work him into early injury issues which will destroy his career. we should have ability to form a complete enough team to actually play like a hockey team with specific players for specific roles.

its the difference between a real team and a joke.
I fail to see how playing on the PK will "destroy his career due to injuries", but I'm more than fine with your idea of having him play almost exclusively at ES and on the PP where he can best utilize his offensive abilities.

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